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Your Guide to the Best Scuba Diving in the Cayman Islands

June 6, 2022
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Most of us know that Scuba diving in the Cayman Islands includes close encounters with stingrays; but there are many diving activities you can enjoy during your time at the beach. Cayman islands boast strong diving infrastructure, incredible walls, and wrecks, diverse types of diving resorts, and great visibility. The Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little-cayman have been attracting scuba divers for decades, including novices! The dive sites, amazing diversity, and diving professionals are a few factors why the Cayman Islands is also one of the top dive destinations in the Caribbean. 

Experience Diving in the Cayman Islands

The coolest coral in the Caribbean, along with devilishly deep drop-offs and wicked wreck dives, has made the Cayman Islands a renowned dive destination. The North Wall of the Grand Cayman plunges deeper than 1800 meters/6000 feet and elevates fascinating wall diving with opportunities to see eagle rays and sea turtles. Moreover, the Cayman Islands are well-known for encountering stingrays in the Stingray City. 

When to Dive in the Cayman Islands?

Apart from all the marine activities, the Cayman Islands have amazing visibility; it goes between 60 and 100 feet (18-30 meters). The water temperature ranges from 78 to 82°F (26-28°C).

Dive Sites and Dive Shops in the Cayman Islands

There are around 300 dive sites in Cayman. Most of them are situated around Grand Cayman, but over 60 sites are there in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. You can discover unknown sites while visiting these islands. Here are some dive sites you must visit;

  • Bloody Bay Wall – This is the top choice for most divers in the Cayman Islands. The sheltered Bloody Bay Marine Park lies in Little Cayman and profers splendid marine life with spectacular bioluminescent corals. If you’re afraid of depths, the wall drop is not for you as it can reach over 6500ft. You can witness black and wire corals, yellow tube sponges, and waving sea fans along with the drop. You can also meet eagle rays, lobsters, triggerfish, and various incredible marine animals.
  • MV Capt. Keith Tibbets – This Soviet-built Frigate owned by the Cuban navy was given to Cayman to sink it purposefully. At the current time, it has become a beautiful artificial reef and home for colorful sponges, barracudas, groupers, and other marine life. Divers can observe the bow guns and go along the rails to click some great pictures.
  • Stingray City – Due to the local fishermen, this dive site became famous as they used to clean their catch that attracted the rays to the site. Today, large groups of southern stingrays are found here. The dives are shallow, and you can observe them swimming surrounding you.
  • Babylon – The Babylon site is special due to its pinnacle with a canyon cutting the north wall. All levels of divers can completely enjoy this site due to its shallow depths. You can spot barrel sponges, black coral bushes, and sea fans where turtles, barracudas, parrotfish, and eagle rays are visible along the wall.
  • Devil’s Grotto – The site is suitable for beginners and advanced divers. It has a great shallow shore dive that includes massive swim-throughs, coral formations, and chimneys. You can often see barracudas, tarpons, and schools of silversides.
  • Jackson’s Bight – Situated in the Bloody Bay Marine Park, this dive does not fail to provide amazing diving opportunities. It is studded with chutes, tunnels, and amazing reefs. You can spot reef sharks, tilefish, peacock flounders, garden eels, and yellow-headed jawfish.

Best Time to Dive in the Cayman Islands

Whether Scuba diving in the Grand Cayman or on other islands, you can experience diving year-round. December to mid-April is considered the peak season so the rates will be higher during this time. September is a season of tropical storms, and that is the month with a higher chance of a hurricane. June to October brings higher temperatures (up to 33C, 91F). You can experience more rainy days during summers.

Experience Non-Diving Activities

Apart from Scuba diving, there’re many other things to do in the Cayman Islands. If you’re a water sports lover, you can locate great spots for snorkeling, including sailing or going on a catamaran cruise or night snorkeling with bioluminescence. Moreover, there’re plenty of beaches where you can visit and relax. There’re various hiking trails for nature lovers where you can explore caverns and unknown caves. Art galleries, eco-tours, historical tours, shopping, and fest are the most interesting non-diving activities you would love during your time in this wonderful country.