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Six Ways to Save Energy in the Cayman Islands

March 10, 2021
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Electricity is expensive in the Cayman Islands, and generating it contributes to global warming. Here are some simple tips to reduce your energy usage, save money and help the environment. 

Grid power in much of the world can come from a variety of sources, from hydroelectric to natural gas, to coal, to oil, to nuclear. Unfortunately, our location and geography mean that electrical installation in the Cayman Islands relies on diesel-powered generation, which is very expensive and not environmentally friendly. Therefore, it makes sense to use as little electricity as possible from this source. Here are some simple ways to reduce your energy usage.

Small Habit Changes for Big Savings Making a few small changes in your daily habits can reap big rewards in energy savings. Some simple actions include: Take shorter daily showers and replace your old shower head with a modern water-saving one; run dishwashers and washing machines only when you have a full load and use energy-saving cycles to save about 50% energy; install timers on water heaters and HVAC systems.

Invest in Solar With its year-round average of 6-8 hours of sunshine every day, the Cayman Islands is perfectly positioned to reap the benefits of solar energy. Corporate Electric’s Generac PWRcell is the first fully integrated solar and battery storage system available in the Cayman Islands. Solar panel installation not only helps you save money on grid power, it keeps your power on during grid outages and is environmentally friendly.

Replace Incandescent Light Bulbs Replacing all those old-technology incandescent light bulbs in your home with energy-efficient LEDs will save you energy and a lot of money in the long run. LEDs cost more than traditional light bulbs, yes, but they last at least 10 times longer and generate very little heat (unlike incandescent lights), the last thing you need in a tropical setting. An 8-watt LED produces the same amount of light as a standard 60-watt bulb for a fraction of the running cost.

Insulate Your Home Insulation is as important in a tropical setting as in a cold one for maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature at a reasonable cost. Roofs and windows are the biggest culprits for thermal leaks. Double glazing and roof insulation will reduce your power usage considerably, save money and improve the comfort level of your home. 

Smart Laundry Practice There is no need to waste electricity using hot water to wash clothes. Modern detergents work perfectly well in cold water. And your dryer is probably the most energy-hungry appliance in your home. If you have an outside clothes line, and the weather’s cooperating, then use it. Air drying is free, and relying less on a 5,000-watt dryer is probably the most simple energy-saving habit you can take up.

Get Out of the Standby Habit Do not leave electronics and appliances on standby power. Every little shining LED on every electronic gadget in your home shows that power is being wasted. Unplug anything that is not in use or that does not need to stay connected. Phone chargers, desktop printers, coffee makers, entertainment devices, electric toothbrushes do not need to be plugged in permanently. Modern computers do not ‘wear out’ if you power them up and down on a daily basis. Getting out of the always-on habit will save you money and, as a bonus, will reduce heat in your home as well as the risk of electrical fires.