Top Cayman Islands Breakfast Restaurant Experiences

February 17, 2021
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Over the years, food experience has become as important as traveling. People are ready to travel to far-off places to try delicacies, traditional recipes and visit the revered restaurants. Why would one not?

I am a food fanatic, and it is not just the act of eating, but it is also necessary for me to connect with the flavors, aroma, taste, and ambiance. Why documenting an experience becomes important? Firstly, it gives a glimpse to people with similar interests of what it’s like to be there. Secondly, it helps the writer (like me) to revel in those times again, sweet nostalgia!

I visited Cayman Island a few years ago, a trip with the family to spend the summers. Nothing calms my heart more than reliving the times I was on the open, uncluttered, and pristine beaches of the Cayman, the waves crashing at my feet and the sunsets that would mesmerize me.

Coming back to the food, the fine dining in Grand Cayman and around other places is superlative. I am listing below the five fascinating breakfast restaurant experiences. If you find yourself in Cayman, make sure you drop in any of these best Cayman restaurants.

#1: Bacaro – 

Trip Advisors Reviews made me try the Bacaro Restaurant; the tourists, travelers, and locals have rated it highly. In my opinion, Bacaro is worth every praise that is out there.

First, the ambiance and decor are modern, and the restaurant itself nestles at the shore. So, you eat your breakfast perched at waterfront seating overlooking the sailboats.

I remember having Foie gras torchon terrine, a simple yet exotic dish. It’s a slice of delicate liver meat cooked with precision, which results in a melt-in-the-mouth texture. And a sip of Sauternes is the perfect pairing with this dish. 

It is food for the soul!

#2: The Wharf 

As the name suggests, The Wharf gives the picturesque dining backdrop of the Seven Mile Beach; you see the ocean sprawling as far as your eyes can reach. Once you enter the restaurant, you will notice the enormous open seafront seating that will leave you awe-inspired. The waves crashing below offer constant music to the ears.

We had a very hearty and delicious breakfast at the Wharf. 

Our breakfast spread consisted of the following – 

  • Chocolate Pancake
  • Omelet- The Wharf
  • Tuna Poke

The dishes served were perfect. Pancakes were soft, porous, and satiating. Talking about the Tuna Poke- Vegetable Quina bowl, I would say it was a party of flavors in my mouth, the freshness of tuna was dripping from every bite. 

Omelet – The Wharf was a spin I was waiting to eat my whole life (it was a revelation, to say the least, and no, I am not exaggerating). It was served with ham, mushroom, green onions, cheddar cheese, fresh oven bread, tomato salsa, and breakfast potatoes. 

The breakfast experience at The Wharf is etched in my brain. To experience nature at it is best while enjoying breakfast is surreal.

#3: Anchor & Den 

Anchor & Den has a very relaxed and fun vibe to it. The decor is one of the aspects that sets it apart from the many restaurants in Cayman. Every corner in this space is “Instragramable.” Apart from the charismatic vibes, Anchor & Den have Food & Beverage – including a fresh juice bar, Gelato Stand, Creperie Station, Raw, and Sushi Bar. 

For me, the breakfast item that stood apart and deserved a special mention is a Jamaican delicacy called Jerk chicken. The juiciest chicken cubes soaked up the marinade flavor and had this beautiful grilled, crisp skin. Washing down the bit with the freshly squeezed OJ.

The immaculate vibes that the restaurant exudes make one stay a litter longer, and that what we did. What a beautiful day spent!

#4 Bread & Chocolate 

Bread & Chocolate is set in the laid back lanes of George Town. It’s a quaint café – with an ambiance and homey aroma that draws your soul into its cocoon for the time you are there.

Choose any corner, grab any book, and immerse yourself, and indulge in delicious breakfast and other specialties the entire day.  That’s precisely what I did. Do try their Bread and Chocolate – a signature toast – stuffed with chocolate hazelnut butter and bananas, dipped in coconut tahini batter topped with berries. 

Experience the food coma you would never want to come out.


CIMBOCO is a modern-day café that wraps itself in Jamaican cuisine traditions. The place itself is a combination of colors, tastes, and aromas.

Upon your arrival, the friendly staff will greet you with broad smiles on their faces, making you feel very welcoming. They have delectable pasta dishes, tacos, pizzas, wholesome sandwiches, varieties of home-baked slices of bread, and salivating deserts.

I ordered Cimboco’s “High-Performance” Breakfast! ~ the succulent pork chop paired with eggs (sunny side up), sautéed mushrooms & a stack of roasted rosemary potatoes. Next, I had the ‘Wacky Waffles,’ served sizzling hot with fresh compote and chantilly cream!

The Culinary experience to remember….

My trip to the Cayman Islands was nothing short of a spectacle. These restaurants are what I will recommend to all of you visiting the island next time and tag me along (just kidding).