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The Cayman Islands Opens its Arms to the Remote Worker

February 3, 2021
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Living and working in paradise: Here’s how to set yourself up to become a Global Citizen, Cayman-style.

Thanks to the ongoing global pandemic the Cayman Islands’ borders, like borders just about everywhere else, have been closed to the vast majority of leisure travellers for most of the last year. But, thanks to the Cayman government’s strong and early measures to combat the local spread of Covid-19, the islands are now confidently Covid-free and capitalizing on this unique situation by offering residency to remote workers under a recently introduced scheme called the Global Citizen Concierge Program.

With the obvious attraction of a tropical resort-style life in an infection-free environment without the threat of lockdown, social distancing or mask-wearing, independent workers looking for a safe haven will appreciate the benefits that the Global Citizen Concierge Program offers digital nomads, allowing them to live and work remotely in a beautiful island paradise for up to two years — with the possibility of Permanent Residency at the end.

This unique tourism initiative of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism invites international guests with a yen for the Global Citizenship Cayman Islands lifestyle to experience the world-class infrastructure, schooling, healthcare, telecommunications and bespoke luxury that will make living and working remotely efficient, safe and simple.

Digital nomads can pack their laptops and sunscreen for long-term stays in the Cayman Islands, where they and their family can enjoy an unrivalled work/life balance and immerse themselves in all the world-class attractions on offer, including stunning beaches, diving, watersports and a laid-back lifestyle and culinary scene that is second-to-none.

Launched in October 2020 and available until 30 November 2023, the Global Citizen Concierge Program requires all applicants to meet certain requirements, including:

●        A minimum household income of US$100,000 for single households, US$150,000 for two-person households, and $180,000 if accompanied by dependent children.

●        Annual payment of a government fee of US$1,469 (up to two persons), with an additional $500 per dependent. There is an additional 7% credit card processing fee.

●        Being physically present in the Cayman Islands for a minimum of 90 days each year.

●        All applicants and dependents must have adequate health insurance cover.

●        All travellers are required to take a PCR test on arrival. A 14-day mandatory quarantine period also applies, after which a negative PCR test will be required for the quarantine period to cease. Travellers may not leave the Cayman Islands until the mandatory period in quarantine has been completed.

Once the paperwork is under control, finding a home in the Cayman Islands should not be difficult. The enormous diversity of properties available in Cayman — from high-end luxury to eminently affordable – means the market is served by many real estate companies with expert local knowledge of Cayman Islands realty.

Dealing with a Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association (CIREBA) member guarantees you are dealing with a trained, qualified professional whose business is conducted under a  strict Code of Ethics. Thirty-four leading real estate brokerages are governed by the CIREBA, who between them are responsible for the vast majority of real estate transactions in The Cayman Islands.

Members of CIREBA use the CIREBA Multiple Listing System (MLS), a centralized database system popular in the US and Canada, that allows CIREBA members to list all their available properties, meaning any client of any local broker has access to any available property within the MLS.

Prominent local real estate broker Milestone Properties offers help and guidance on all aspects of the Global Citizen Concierge Program, as well as relocating to, and buying real estate in, the Cayman Islands. Email [email protected] to find out how Milestone can help you and your family relocate to Cayman with a wide selection of available ‘work from home’ options and the promise of a tailor-made property search to suit your wants and needs.

Another local broker, the International Realty Group (IRG), along with its specialist arm International Relocation Consultants (IRC), described as a ‘white-glove relocation company’, has already initiated several projects to assist clients with their relocation processes. If you are interested in finding out more about how IRG helps relocation to the Cayman Islands under the Global Citizen Concierge Program, or securing residency through various investment opportunities, contact them at [email protected] or +1-(345)-926-1053.

Enquiries about the Global Citizen Concierge Program itself can be submitted by email to [email protected] or by calling toll-free (US-only) at +1-(833)-418-1191.

An online Global Citizen Concierge Program application  can be completed at https://ourcayman.formstack.com/workflows/gcc_application