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The benefits of a Home or Office Automation System

March 17, 2020
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Network-based sensors that control systems and appliances over the internet allow you to set, monitor and adjust their operation from wherever you happen to be.

Remember when the pinnacle of home automation was the remote garage door opener or a timer that turned on your air-conditioning? Things have certainly changed since the arrival of wi-fi, the smartphone and ‘the internet of things’.

Smart living in Cayman is popular as now you can run your home or office security, heating/cooling and lighting, save money on power and insurance and increase the value of your property all from a few simple swipes of a smartphone App.

There are a lot of benefits to home and office automation. It’s an integrated environment equipped with network-based sensors that control systems and appliances over the internet, allowing you to set, monitor and adjust their operation from wherever you happen to be.

The efficiency and cost-effectiveness mean your energy use goes down and so do your utility bills. Thermostats can be controlled remotely, letting you heat or cool your home to your required temperature whenever you want, ensuring it’s comfortable when you get home and not wasting energy when you are away.

Even greater savings and efficiency can be achieved when automated systems are integrated into the initial design and construction of a building’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) system. MEP design in Cayman is already adopting and adapting to this new smart building technology trend, which is increasingly common in new electrical installation in the Cayman Islands.

A modern doorbell is far more than a buzz or chime to let you know somebody is at your door. Today, a smart doorbell allows you to talk to callers and see them at your door – even if you are not home. It constantly monitors your doorway, can automatically record anyone approaching the door and sends alerts to your preferred device when your attention is required.

Who wouldn’t appreciate smart living Cayman Islands style, with the ability to control lighting, temperature and entertainment options from the comfort of their armchair? But beyond comfort and convenience, making the transition to a smarter home brings other benefits, particularly safety. A simple fire alarm, something fairly common in modern homes, does basically one thing – it sends out a loud noise when a fire is detected, maybe it has a flashing light too. More comprehensive systems alert emergency services, too.

Now consider the fire alarm in a smart home. Audio warnings can be accompanied by automated commands that unlock doors and windows, turn on emergency exit lighting, and call the fire department. And it can all be controlled without being in the building.

Pets, kids and vulnerable seniors: Video monitoring can keep track of what your pets, children or elderly relatives are doing in the house and allow you to see and talk to them at any time and check on their safety.

Stress relief: No more sitting in the departure lounge wondering if you turned off that appliance, locked the front door, or set the burglar alarm. With a smart home or office automation system, everything can be monitored and set remotely.

Add value, save money: The value of your home increases when you install time- and money-saving technology. Smart thermostats and lighting increases energy efficiency and means cheaper running costs.

Security: Automated door and window locks can be activated with a simple tap on your smartphone. Security cameras can monitor your property 24/7, allowing you to check on activity at any time. Enhanced security means peace of mind and cheaper home insurance premiums.

Safety: Control appliances and lighting inside your home from anywhere.

Networked and smart, the modern home or office provides a wealth of benefits that improve convenience, efficiency, and security, while at the same time saving you money on energy costs and adding value to your property. Smart business and property owners know a smart home can mean much more than just garage door automation in the Cayman Islands.