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Relocating to the Cayman Islands? Here’s Why You Need A Professional Real Estate Agent

September 29, 2020
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Relocating to the Cayman Islands? Here’s Why You Need A Professional Real Estate Agent

A professional real estate agent does more than just sell a property. They will save your time and money and make the process of relocation a lot easier that trying to go it alone.

With minimal fees and red tape, buying a property in the Cayman Islands real estate sector is designed to be a simple process. And with the assistance of a professional real estate agent, a new resident relocating to the islands should find the process very straightforward. 

While some people might think the simplicity of the system means they could go it alone when searching for their ideal relocation property, there are some excellent reasons to bring a professional on board in your quest.

The most apparent advantage a professional real estate agent will bring to the table is a wealth of local knowledge. They will know the most suitable locations, the available lifestyles, the facilities in each area, and – importantly – have accurate pricing and valuation information on all the available options.

Cayman Islands real estate brokers are well-regulated, and most are members of the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association (CIREBA). This regulatory body guarantees you are dealing with a trained, qualified professional whose business is conducted under a strict code of ethics.

CIREBA members manage the vast majority of all Cayman Islands real estate sales. Listings are shared in an online Multiple Listing System (MLS), allowing buyers to see all available properties while still working with their chosen agent – a significant advantage for the new resident. 

A professional broker selling Cayman properties also brings a vast knowledge base to bear when working with a new resident. As local experts, they have well-established contacts in the legal and banking sectors; they know the contractors, the engineers, the appraisers, inspectors, property managers, and local handymen. All this valuable information is available as part of the service they provide.

As part of their expertise, a knowledgeable real estate agent provides valuable Cayman relocation services to the new arrival. Information on all the available locations is learned over the years and the agent will have personal knowledge that can steer the new buyer into a decision they will not regret later. The agent can help the new resident avoid areas and properties that are overpriced or properties where values could decrease due to any number of factors, from high running costs to maintenance issues to potential upcoming changes in a neighborhood that could negatively affect local property prices.

Buying a property is the biggest single investment that most people will ever make. A newly arrived Cayman resident already faces a bewildering multitude of choices as they attempt to get settled, so trying to navigate the world of Cayman Islands real estate options and prices without help can lead to expensive mistakes. 

With a wide range of houses, condos, and villas of all sizes in many locations, with many lifestyle options and prices to suit every income, a savvy and experienced real estate agent will help a new arrival sort through the mass of information and data to make the right decision and ease them into a new life in our Caribbean paradise.