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Most Effective Tips To Prevent Electrical Fires

August 4, 2022
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There is a saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking precautions is the only way one can prevent accidents. Malfunctioning electrical appliances and outlets have been the number one cause of electrical fires over the years. Most of these accidents could have been avoided by following some simple precautions.

Most Effective Tips To Prevent Electrical Fires

High humidity corrupts the electrical wires and components and reduces their lifespan. The depreciation due to overuse that comes with water vapor is inevitable in devices. Especially in countries situated on the coastline like the Cayman Islands experience many electrical accidents due to a regular humid climate. Here are some tips to keep your home and workplace safe from an electrical fire.

Manage power load on electrical outlets 

We all are well aware of the increase in the use of electrical appliances in daily life; with that increase, the load on each outlet has also increased. All electrical outlets are designed only to feed appliances a certain amount of power. When these outlets are overloaded, there is a risk of damaging both the outlet and the device. So to prevent any harm to your machine and avoid causing an electrical fire, we can stop supplying power to multiple electrical appliances from one outlet.  

Install countermeasure

Use smart technology for the early detection of an electrical fire. Multiple smoke detectors should be placed at a correct distance in the location to secure every corner of the place. Fire alarm systems with smoke detectors are also effective for big infrastructures. Fire extinguishers come in handy at all times for fire suppression. Since electrical fires cannot be put out with water, an extinguisher can help tackle small fires.

Do timely electrical maintenance. 

As the appliances get old, due to their continuous use, the load-taking capacity of electrical appliances reduces with time. Outdated wiring and sudden power surges can cause electrical appliances to short circuit. If you operate in humid countries like the Islands, hiring electrical contractors in Cayman to maintain your electrical equipment is a great practice to ensure regular inspection. 

Place flammable things away from outlets.

It is essential to understand that there is a high chance that the fabrics can be flammable. In such a case, a short circuit in the outlet can lead to an electrical fire if you place any fabric near electrical outlets. So it is advisable not to put any kind of fabrics or any flammable materials or liquid near electrical outlets. 

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Change damaged sockets and appliances. 

If you notice any electrical appliances crashing due to power fluctuation, there is a fair chance that your power socket is supplying an uneven electricity load. This is a clear indication that you need to replace your power sockets.

Above are some tips to help you stay safe by preventing electrical fires.