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Grand Cayman’s Top 5 Rental Property Districts

December 14, 2020
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Looking for a rental property in Grand Cayman? Here are the five most popular places to find them. 

Rum Point

Rum Point faces the North Sound and is very popular with foreigners seeking a second home or a short-term rental property. Its attraction is the charm of its more traditional Caribbean neighbourhood, with excellent access to water activities and Stingray City. It’s a beautiful stretch of beach dotted with million-dollar properties interspersed with more affordable condos. A new ferry service from Camana Bay has made Rum Point properties more accessible than previously from the capital George Town.

West Bay

More affordable than Seven Mile Beach, West Bay’s blend of contemporary and traditional homes is popular with first-time buyers of the Cayman Islands rental properties. It is a mostly residential district and is home to some of the Cayman Islands’  most popular attractions, including the Cayman Turtle Centre. Property listings show some lovely homes and condominiums for rent or for sale here, on or near the sea, as well as canal-front properties. A recent expansion of the Esterly Tibbetts Highway has given residents some relief on their daily commute, but it’s still a 30-minute journey to town when traffic is heavy.  

East End

The most sparsely populated area of Grand Cayman, the East End also enjoys the lowest property prices. With the magnificent East End Beach and dive sites easily accessible, the area offers a promising lifestyle for beach and watersports lovers in an area devoid of cruise ship tours. East End properties with access to beach and water attractions provide good rental returns from holidaymakers, bu. Still, for residents, the area might be seen as a bit too far from important amenities like work, schools, hospitals, etc.

Bodden Town

Bodden Town is halfway between the East and West sides and is the former capital of the Cayman Islands. This area harkens back to what Grand Cayman was like 20+ years ago. While property prices are not what they were back then, they are still at the lower end of the scale for Cayman residential real estate. The community still has that small-town Caribbean vibe, an increasing rarity, with a mixture of locals ex-pats living alongside one another. It’s a relatively long commute to George Town, but can be done in half-an-hour when traffic is light. This is a good destination for local food and fresh roadside produce, excellent snorkeling and small, tidy beaches.

Seven Mile Beach

Finally, there is Seven Mile Beach, prime Grand Cayman real estate with easy access to one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and with prices to match. This is the place for those with money who like statement living, golf courses, fine restaurants, Camana Bay, big resort hotels and Grand Cayman condo rentals in all prices and sizes.  The vast majority of Grand Cayman’s dining options are located here as well. This is a highly desirable area in which to live or own a rental property. High prices are the biggest disincentive when it comes to Seven Mile Beach properties. Demand is high, and supply is low, with luxury beach- and canal-front homes for sale in the Seven Mile Beach corridor commanding prices up to US$1,800 per sq. ft.