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Grand Cayman Diving Guide

November 21, 2022
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Grand Cayman is undeniably one of the most happening Islands in the Caribbean. This magnificent beauty is a highly preferred diving spot for its seemingly never ceasing pristine white sandy beaches stretching out to sea and incredible wall dives.

Grand Cayman is filled with 240 diving sites, promising an enthralling experience for people who head out to get embraced by diving adventure. Doesn’t matter if you are a professional diver or not; if seek out adventure, this destination is for you!

Through this blog post, we will share insights on what you need to know about the diving experience in the Grand Cayman.

So without further ado, let’s dive into it!

Where to Dive in Grand Cayman?

USS Kittiwake

USS Kittiwake, an iconic chanticleer-class submarine rescue ship that sank beneath Grand Cayman in 2011, is now described as an artificial reef. Divers love to explore kittiwake since the shipwreck sitting at 60 feet gives beautiful highlights of all the five decks on the rescue ship.

This diving site is replete with a variety of marine life, like rays, turtles, sharks, groupers, sponges, and jacks. While scuba diving, you can enter and explore the parts of the ship, such as turrets and steering wheels, and even access the captain’s cabin and the boiler room.

Tarpon Alley

Lies on the North wall of Grand Cayman; this site is an outstanding alternative for diving in the Cayman Islands. Here the waters are 15 to 25 meters deep, being a suitable choice for experienced divers, and unlike the name, this place is a little less abundant with tarpons.

Though, you will definitely come across numerous other fishes, snappers, barracudas, and corals. In fact, if you are lucky, you might witness hammerhead sharks circling the waters of Tarpon Alley.

Orange Canyon

The third diving location, Orange Canyon, is positioned on the northwest tip of Grand Cayman. As the name suggests, this sheer underwater location is surrounded by unique orange sponges, forming a fantastic backdrop for pictures.

Diving begins from the mooring ball; right after, you are taken alongside a wall, wherein you can admire large pelagics like sharks and spotted eagle rays and other smaller marine creatures such as sea turtles, eels, and tropical fishes.

Trinity Caves

Trinity Caves is a pure delight for professional divers seeking an unforgettable experience. Deep, wide tunnels illuminated by shimmering blue rays pave their way through natural breaks in the reef above, forming an exquisite dreamy setting for this diving spot.

In addition, Submerging the winding coral caverns will give you a glimpse of Caribbean life, like angelfish, parrotfish, tang, rays, eels, turtles, and groupers.

Now that you have checked all the boxes on your diving list, we shall take you on another thrilling adventure – Shore Diving.

Shore Diving

When it comes to shore diving, no other place is as fascinating as Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto. Despite these adjacent sites being unique, they share a few similar traits regarding their structure and species, which mark them as siblings.

Both the reefs rise from underneath to just about 10 feet (3 meters) below the surface. Moreover, their intricate network of winding tunnels and cathedral grottos is absolutely mesmerizing.

You can visit either of the two diving sites from Eden Rock Dive Centre and get the equipment you require to swim out from shore to the easily accessible reef.

Key Information For Divers

  • Hire an experienced tutor who constantly supervises and communicates with you.
  • Feel free to ask any questions to your tutor prior to or after your diving.
  • Be sure to scrutinize the equipment before each dive. Also, check that the neoprene and glasses fit your body correctly.
  • The basic rule in the sea is to look and not touch. Therefore, never try touching or taking any souvenirs, as you don’t know whether or not the aquatic creatures can harm you.
  • Don’t be nervous, and breathe! Always be assured, as you’ll have an oxygen cylinder on your back. Thus, feel relaxed and savor every moment of nature.
  • Rise gradually and cautiously. Don’t rush to return to the surface, considering you can face sudden wheezing in your respiratory system.
  • Heading to Grand Cayman but don’t know where to stay? Worry not; we have got you covered.

Where to Stay in Grand Cayman?

From luxurious Grand Cayman dive resorts to budget-friendly exceptional villas, there are plenty of excellent properties across the heavenly seashore, sure to give you a blissful experience after your full day of diving exploration.

Here are a few accommodation alternatives which you can pick for your upcoming trip to Grand Cayman.

Budget-Friendly Stay in Cayman

Mid-Scale Stay in Cayman

  • The Westin Grand Cayman – Seven Mile Beach Resort & Spa
  • Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort
  • Palm Heights

Luxurious Stay in Grand Cayman

  • Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa
  • The Ritz Carlton – Grand Cayman
  • Caribbean Club Luxury Boutique Hotel

All Set For Your Remarkable Diving Adventure?

Grand Cayman is one of the most exciting and exotic tours, guaranteed to give a splendid journey. This little heaven on earth has everything for everyone. Moreover, scuba diving in Grand Cayman is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you don’t want to miss.

Go on! Start packing your stuff, and don’t forget to carry your favorite summer hat and water-proof sunscreen, as you will definitely need it there!
Have a safe travel!