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Finding Our First Home in the Cayman Islands – An Interesting Story – Part 2

February 17, 2021
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I knew I had two tasks to accomplish in these two months. The first was to hand over my duties and responsibilities to another employee while serving my notice period. Secondly, I had to find a house in the Cayman Islands. First, I conducted a thorough search on different places to live in the Cayman Islands.

Since my organization is based in George Town, Grand Cayman, I had to find a home close to that. I did my fair share of reading and researching and finalized on this area called South Sound. It is close to George Town and offers a wide variety of properties that you could choose from.

South Sound has an incredible mix of exclusive water-front properties, inland estates, new townhouse developments, and quintessential Cayman cottages. I wanted to find a home where we could live for the rest of our lives, but at the same time, there was this thought at the back of my head – What if we didn’t like it there and wanted to move somewhere else? 

The idea of buying an investment property also crossed my mind. So many thoughts in my head; I just wanted everything to be over quickly and with perfection.

I googled and found a handful of reputed real estate firms in the Cayman Islands. It was not an easy task because there are so many of them. To be honest, it wasn’t surprising at all, considering the Cayman real estate boom in the past few years.


Out of all the real estate firms that we talked to, one of them sounded very promising. They were friendly and attentive to our requirements. The sheer variety of properties in the South Sound was baffling. In the end, it was a toss between four magnificent properties. Each one of them was breathtakingly beautiful, and we didn’t know which one to choose.


Finally, we made up our minds to visit the Cayman Islands to look at the properties and decide. After all, images may look fabulous, but reality can be quite the opposite. As Canadians, we didn’t have to apply for a tourist visa to visit the Cayman Islands. We booked flights, packed our bags, and headed off to the Cayman Islands.


After we got off the flight, we wasted no time and caught a cab to the real estate agent’s office. We had four properties to choose from, and we knew it would not take us long. One by one, we closely inspected all the properties, the amenities, neighborhood, parking space, etc. The last property caught our eye, and must I say it was love at first sight. My wife and I felt the same about the house.

Even if we changed our minds and decided to leave the Cayman Islands in the future, this condominium would serve as a great investment property. We were thrilled at the sight of the beautiful condo within a gated community, having all the amenities that one could think of.

To be doubly sure, we revisited the property at a different time of the day. We had made up our minds. We talked to the real estate agent, finalized the deal, and paid the token amount. The real estate firm was extremely professional and helpful; they handled the documentation and other formalities.

Now that the final hurdle had been cleared, we headed back home to Canada. Within a month, our work visas were ready. Our excitement knew no bounds, our hearts screamed – CAYMAN, here we come! When we reached the property a month later, it did not take much time to settle down. 


With our house being closed to our workplaces, both of us had ample time to explore the city and enjoy life. It has been six years since we moved to the Cayman Islands, and we don’t plan to leave. The Cayman Islands is magical, and it would take a lifetime for us to explore it entirely.

Our Cayman story is far from over; this mesmerizing city offers new surprises every day. Buy a property in Grand Cayman and experience the delight.