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Finding Our First Home in the Cayman Islands – An Interesting Story. Part – 1

February 16, 2021
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What if your life was an exotic blend of adventure, relaxation, and comfortable living? This kind of life is what you would imagine as a yearly vacation.

What if this vacation could go on for the rest of your life? It would be a dream for most people, but you can make it happen by investing in the Cayman Islands Real Estate My wife and I always wanted to live somewhere away from North America. I mean, we will be Canadians till the day we die, but we wanted to experience life elsewhere. After plenty of research and introspection, we decided to make a new life in the Cayman Islands.

Why move to the Cayman Islands?

The Cayman Islands is a lot more than a tourist destination; it is one of the most sought after places in the world to make a living, retire or enjoy a peaceful life. Now, why is that? Let us look at the reasons why.

  1. Pleasant climate throughout the year.
  2. Breathtakingly beautiful beaches.
  3. A melting pot of cultures.
  4. Quality education and healthcare.
  5. Robust economic and political infrastructure.
  6. Safety
  7. Mouthwatering cuisine
  8. Proximity to the USA.
  9. Tax-neutrality
  10. Adventure & water sports

The Cayman Islands real estate market has experienced a steady rise. As per CIREBA, the average price in 2019 was around $942,000, which rose to $1.6 million in 2020. Despite the pandemic, the property market displays a pattern of strong growth. If it weren’t for the pandemic, it would have been a different scenario altogether.


Back then, my missus and I were choosing from different countries in the world. She loves Latin America, while I love the Caribbean. To me, it’s like apples and oranges; each has its charm and uniqueness. We considered all the pros and cons and finally zeroed in on the Cayman Islands.

With this thing out of the way, we had two enormous challenges in front of us. Both of us had to find jobs and a place to live. We had a significant advantage. She is a CPA (certified public accountant), while I am an investment banker. Fortunately for us, both our skills are in high demand out there in the Cayman.


Finding a job in the Cayman Islands was not easy. We tried numerous job websites in the Cayman Islands, applied online, but nothing seemed to work out. Just then, out of nowhere, my wife saw a Canadian company advertise jobs for their overseas branch in the Cayman Islands.

She applied for the job, and they conducted a telephone interview followed by one in person. I am fortunate to have an intelligent partner who knows what needs to be done. Keeping in mind the living costs out there in the Cayman Islands, she managed to negotiate well and grab a handsome salary package.

Her job requirement was all sorted, and I was the one left out. I didn’t want to get in the way of her happiness, though (sic). Jokes apart, I decided to find a job asap to finalize our decision to buy a house. After all, we would have to pay the installments together.

I was trying to knock on every door I could find, even asked some of my good friends to put in a word. Applying on job sites wasn’t working, so I decided to try LinkedIn. I knew it was a long shot, but I still had to try. Adding influential people (for companies based in the Cayman Islands) at important designations became my part-time job.


All this went on for a few days, and one fine day I had this online conversation with a financial institution based in George Town. I was eager to grab the opportunity, but I didn’t want to appear as over-enthusiastic and needy. Blame it on the butterflies in my stomach.

At first, it was just a casual conversation; I didn’t expect anything out of it. The gentleman, i.e., the HR Manager for that institution, told me she would see what she could do. It’s not the first time I had heard that; I was not disheartened, but I did not expect much.

After three days, I received an email saying they had shortlisted me based on my qualifications and experience and that they wanted to discuss the matter further on skype. I saw a glimmer of hope. I calmed my nerves and rehearsed for the interview in my head. It was not the first interview of my life, but given my situation, there was never a time in my life when I needed a job so bad.


On the day of my interview, I logged in on time and talked to this charming and friendly lady. She did everything to make me feel comfortable. I managed to shrug off the nervousness and answered confidently. The interviewer’s calm demeanor and friendly nature made it all so easy. 

Following the Skype interview, I discussed with the organization’s VP and departmental head. Surprising, it was a great discussion. It never felt like I was being grilled. They were happy with my answers and felt that my abilities would hugely benefit their organization. Next came the salary negotiation. They asked me how much I expected, and I stated my expectations.

I expected them to haggle a bit, but it didn’t happen. I had read about the Cayman Islands’ living expenses and had even discussed this with my wife. We were pretty clear on what we required to live the glorious Cayman dream.

After the salary package and other details were finalized, they asked me – How soon I could report to work, to which I replied – Give me two months, and I can join. They happily agreed.

I knew it was too early to celebrate. Half the battle had been won; the other half was an uphill task. My wife was thrilled to bits; the hard part was to find our dream home in the Cayman Islands.