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8 Captivating Facts about Cayman Weather

June 6, 2022
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The Cayman Islands has a tropical climate, so you’ll experience both hot and cold weather the whole year. You will discover that there’s more humidity, higher temperature, & rainy days from May to October in a chronological manner. Hurricane season starts in June & ends in November, an undeniable part of the Caribbean’s weather. In the drier season from November to April, the islands are scarcely cooler, there’s descending humidity. Let’s dive deeper and comprehend what’s all you’re going to experience while navigating the Cayman weather.

  • Cool Nights

You might think the blazing heat of Caribbean summer will drain you, but during the night time, the temperature drops, offering a very pleasant breeze. However, the humidity can take a toll if you’re not prepared for it. Winter nights are quite cozy and cool enough to sleep without an air conditioner.

  • Cordial Climate

Temperatures in Cayman are lowest in January and February, ranging between 70F & 86F. The humidity glides at 70 percent in the Winter but can reach up to 95 percent in the summer. The lowest temperature recorded in Cayman was 55F. You can receive daily forecasts through TV, newspapers, and radio stations.

  • Sunny Days

The Cayman Islands is informally referred to as paradise because the sunny days are quite prevalent. Even during the hurricane season, which starts in June and ends in November, the rare cloudy morning turns sunny before noon. The low vegetation and bright white color of the sand reflect the light, so even the cloudy days appear radiant.

  • Hurricane Season

The Cayman Islands Hurricane season sometimes turns nasty, but you can easily navigate the hurricane season with proper precautions and following a timely Cayman weather forecast.

  • Thunder Storms

The Caribbean lighting storm is also one of the amazing natural wonders. The distant path of lightning bolts over the horizon and the sheer volume of water released by towering columns of thunderheads can create a marvel of unharnessed power. Lighting storms can be humongous at night to light up the water like a lively aquarium.

  • Calm Waters

There’s no doubt that Cayman waters are tranquil, and thus, water sports, diving operations, and other water activities are popular here. Light winds all-round the year yield calm waters – predictable, safe, reliable, which can enchant the eye at every road turn.

  • Rainy Season

The rainy season in Cayman starts in early summer and stays for several months. Heavy showers in the afternoon wash out the humidity, presenting a musty odor as the heat rises off the roads and earth. Also, the nighttime showers provide a relaxing and gentle backdrop, offering a pleasant atmosphere to the Caymanians.

  • Cloudbursts

You’re likely to experience the summer time rains at least once, but they don’t last longer and travel out to sea within 15 minutes. Watching the squalls on the horizon is a wondrous sight as menacing rainclouds easily flow over the ocean. You’ve to be cautious when driving in the rain as puddles can form very quickly.