7 Best Desserts of the Cayman Islands you Must Try!

February 17, 2021
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Visualize the best dessert on the planet. Then ask other people to imagine the same. Bet you dollars to doughnuts, their answer will differ. Regardless of the variety of desserts and personal choices, we develop a fondness for desserts at some spur of our lives. 

From childhood feasts to a grandparent’s favorite recipes, our relationship with local food has increased slowly and gradually. This is also true for desserts. Occasions like Christmas, Easter, and local holidays give us great excuses to stuff ourselves with fruit cakes, pies, puddings, ice-creams, and more. 

While desserts are usually so tempting, research suggests that they help in easy digestion and pump up serotonin levels, making us feel happier and calmer. So next time, whenever you feel overwhelmed by day-to-day hiccups, try to hog on one of your favorite desserts. 

If you wish to discover the Cayman Islands’ dessert scene, here’s a list of some of the Cayman Islands’ best desserts, along with the name of local restaurants where you’ll find them. 

1. Gelato by Gelato & Co 

If you’re searching for an authentic gelato in the Cayman Islands, Gelato & Co is a place to stop by. The owners of this place, Marcella and Stefano, make fresh gelato every day, giving an exceptional and intense flavor to this mouth-watering dessert. 

When I first visited the place, I was awestruck by discovering 26 diverse flavors of this enticing gelato. Even though it’s low in sugar, it tastes paradisiacal. Two of my favorite gelato flavors are Straccietella and Bacia, which originated from Italy, given a slightly Caribbean twist by adding coconut to it.

They have a captivating outdoor seated area overlooking the Cayman Bay harbor. 

2. Strawberry Meringue Cake by Coccoloba

Everyone in my family loves Strawberry cake at Coccoloba. The reason behind this intense affection is the way they bake strawberry meringue cake by appending much of fresh strawberries and sinfully yummy cheese frosting. 

On top of that, they have this fantastic water-front setup, which is perfect for watching the sunset by grabbing a frozen beverage.

3. Lava Cake by Grand Old House

Whenever I feel like eating lava cake, I end up reaching the Grand Old House without giving a second thought.  Topped with the vanilla sauce, it is served with raspberry coulis and raspberry Ice cream to complement the surreal flavor of red velvet. You must definitely give it a try!

My mom prefers gluten-free desserts, so we generally order chickpea brownies or a pistachio macaron’s plate, satisfying both the tummy and soul. 

4. Tiramisu by Ragazzi

From its name, Tiramisu doesn’t seem like a dessert, but it is. Even though I was not very fond of Tiramisu initially, this one from Ragazzi instantly improved my buds for it. It is super fluffy yet light, with the precise amount of sweetness to combat the espresso. 

People searching for the best Italian restaurants mostly come here to indulge in the authentic Italian delicacies. I would surely recommend you to taste their wood-burning oven pizza coupled with diverse selections of wines.

5. Toffee Banana Pudding by Wharf

What if I say you can taste the world’s best Toffee Banana Pudding in the Cayman Islands? Not at all, kidding! After a romantic dinner in an exclusive set up Cabana, you can savor mouth-watering toffee banana pudding, which not just tastes delicious but is also a healthy option you can grab any day. 

The twinkle of stars and the sound of waves will surely add up to this unforgettable experience.

6. Apple Phyllo Tart by Pappagallo

Our friends had this crazy ritual to end birthday dinners by having apple phyllo tart. Even after 8 years since our college has finished, we follow the same pattern and go to Pappagallo to savor the same dessert, and trust me, it still has the supreme taste with ice-cream at the top.

Suppose you’re looking for an island Getaway, and that too with the 14-acre bird sanctuary, a natural saltwater lagoon, and the best Italian cuisines, then Pappagallo is undoubtedly an excellent headway you should never miss.

7. Passion fruit Panna Cotta by Bacaro

Passion fruit Panna Cotta by Bacaro is a perfect dessert you will find in Cayman. I use the word perfect because most folks will find it tasty, and secondly, their style of making Panna Cotta is unique compared to most restaurants of the Cayman Islands. 

Panna Cotta here is made of gelatin, which gives a smooth melt-in-the-mouth texture to the dish, and they create intensely thick and rich pudding, which offers a highly soul-soothing end to a wholesome meal. If you’re out to impress, try this divine treat dependably.

Dessert For Thought

It was such a great experience to taste every dessert in the Cayman Islands.  I am completely amazed to see how delicately these restaurants serve their clients with awe-inspiring food. Not just 7, we’re drooling over dozens of desserts that embarks the chefs’ creativity and tell us a lot about Cayman food culture. This was our list of the top 7 best desserts of the Cayman Islands. Give them a try and see if it is worth your taste buds!